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"I don’t remember how we came across Center Stage Plaques but I’m glad we did. We are a local business serving our community and were recognized for many accomplishments over the past 10 years.  Center Stage created our first plaque and when it arrived we were very impressed. The workmanship was high quality and appearance was nothing less that perfect. I always look forward to opening that next box when it arrives from Center Stage Plaques. In addition to that, what really impressed me was the personalized attention we receive. Mark has always been reliable, gracious and makes us feel like more than a customer. He and Kerri make us feel like friends. We now have over 50 plaques or more on our “Wall of Fame” and enjoy watching it grow."

Thanks for all your support and wonderful product.


Ricky Mason

Richard S. Mason

Richard Scott Salon and Day Spa




Kerry & Mark,
Hello There.

It was so refreshing to have a conversation with a stranger, and at the same time feeling like I knew you both.  You are two special people!

I love my plaque. Everyone does. Thank You!

Stay as sweet as you are.
Pauline Brown
Tropical Delights
New Haven, CT